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Manufacture of Promotional Sports Bags

Manufacture of Promotional Sports Bags

Manufacture of Promotional Sports Bags

Sports bags vary depending on the field of use or sports branches. In addition, separate sports bags are preferred for materials and for personal items. For athletes, it is extremely important that the bag is intended for use and is ergonomic.

Sports bag models; fitness, running, cycling, football, etc. In addition, sports bags are often preferred for travel or daily use.

Sports Bag Cost-Feature Balance

Nowadays, both fabric and bag components have increased greatly due to the influence of the dollar exchange rate. In addition, commission amounts for cargo and marketplaces for e-commerce are also increasing. Sport bags can be added and removed according to customer demand. This also has a direct impact on the cost.

The main features of our own-made sports bag:

  • It has 3 or more compartments.
  • Easy to carry on hand or shoulder.
  • Made of waterproof fabric.
  • It is the ideal size for men or women.
  • It has a thermal and shoe compartment.
  • They have a large internal volume.
  • It has a mini wallet compartment and a keychain.

Dimensions : 55 cm wide, 25 cm height, 25 cm depth

Volume : 35 lt.

Fabric : Waterproof 610 Denier Imperteks fabric

Manufacture of Promotional Sports Bags

Click here for our sports bag models or for more information.

How Can I Order a promotional Gym Bag?

Our domestic and foreign (institutions, organizations, municipalities, companies) activities are continuing within the scope of Akgul Wholesale Bags.

We are able to send several sample prototypes of our bag models (including your custom bag project) that we produce with the best price and performance difference in Turkey if you want.

We return to you in a short time by providing advantageous pricing with the choice of prints, models and fabrics you want.

Manufacture of Promotional Sports Bags

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