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Promotional Food Delivery Bag

Promotional Food Delivery Bag

Promotional Food Delivery Bag

What is a Food Delivery Bag?

Food delivery bags are large in size and have thermal compartments.Also,they can be carried on the back, in the car or by hand. There is also a tool to fix this bag to the motorcycle you are using.
These bags, which protect the temperature of the product, are very protective. In addition to the fact that the food is good, it is very important for companies that the ordered food is delivered in a warm, non-dispersed and orderly manner.We can produce courier bags  with any size, size, color and printing you want.

The size of our standard food carrier bag is 50×30 cm. It is made of waterproof imperteks fabric.

It has 4 different zippered compartments.

We can add your company’s special logo by silk screen printing or digital printing.

What are the features of the Carrier Bag?

Food carrier bags are made of waterproof polyester fabric. The inside of the bag is covered with pet and heat insulation foil, which is not heat-permeable. Courier bags can also be called thermal takeaway bags. It can be preferred as pizza bag, pita bag, fast food bag, courier service bag, motorized takeaway transport bag. In the manufacture of food carrier bags, type 8 or type 10 zippers are used, which provide easy opening and closing. All our products are manufactured in hygienic conditions. It can be produced in different sizes according to your request.

Click here for our promotional thermal food carrier bag models.

Promotional Food Delivery Bag




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How can I order ?

As Akgul Wholesale Bags, we continue to work with institutions, organizations, municipalities and companies both in Turkey and abroad.

We can send several sample prototypes of our bag models (including your custom bag project) that we produce with the best price and performance.

We return to you in a short time by providing advantageous pricing with the choice of prints, models and fabrics you want.

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