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Promotional Cross Backpack

Promotional Cross Backpack


What are the features of promotional cross backpack?

It is a cross-worn bag model that receives support from the waist and shoulder. These bags, which are mostly made of imperteks fabric, are quite convenient and have a long service life.

In Which Areas Can a Cross Backpack Be Preferred?

The cross backpack is often used by travelers, couriers, etc. it is suitable for marketers, postmen and athletes. In addition, young people often prefer it in their daily use. The fact that the cross backpack is slung over the shoulder and is easily accessible is the most important features that distinguish it from other bag models.

What Should Be Considered in Cross Backpacks?

The issues that need to be considered in terms of longevity and usefulness of these bag models :

  • The shoulder support should be soft and ergonomic.
  • It must be made of waterproof fabric.
  • it must have 2 or more compartments
  • It must have a headphone or microphone output

The Cost of a Cross Backpack

The cost of promotional cross backpacks varies depending on the characteristics that we mentioned above. Some features can be removed or added according to the area of use and requests. In addition, factors such as the type of printing of your logo, fabric, color selection can increase the cost.

What Is the Alternative to a Cross Backpack?

The preferred (in terms of use) bag model as an alternative to the promotional cross backpack is the waist bag. The only dec difference between them is that one has shoulder and back support, while the other only has lumbar support.

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How Can I Order a Promotional Cross Backpack?

We can send a few sample prototypes of our bag models (including your custom bag project) that we produce with the best price and performance in Turkey if you want.

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